Stephanie Babcock, collograph, 2011

Sarah Byrne, drawing, 2011

Olivia Whetung, beads, loom and sinew, 2011

Daryl Weir, painting, 2011

Kellsie Bordin, Drawing, 2012

Kellsie Bordin, Drawing, 2012

Roxanne Martin, Digital, 2011

Ashley Shantz, Drawing, 2011

Alicia Hunt, painting, 2011

Julia Mancuso, Drawing, 2012

Burgandy Hill, Painting, 2012

Lyndsey Young, Etching, 2012

Katie Huckson, Digital, 2011

Kyla Smith, Etching, 2012

Savannah Bishop, Drawing with digital, 2012

Gabrielle Fogg, painting, 2012

Mary Dawson, Drawing, 2011

Fionnuala Lismore, Etching, 2012

Luther Konadu, Drawing, 2012

Lyndsey Young, Digital, 2011

Shannon McLeod, Drawing, 2011

Gabrielle Fogg, Painting, 2012

Roxanne Martin, Drawing, 2011

Burgandy Hill, Etching, 2012

Dayna Rainville, Digital, 2011

Maureen Chindamo, Drawing, 2012

Daryl Weir, Painting, 2012

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